Rebalance Your Portfolio

Adjust your portfolio mix (stocks/bonds) to stay on track after 2023's market changes.

Donate Smart

Bunch donations or use tax-advantaged accounts to save on taxes while giving back.

Harvest Tax Benefits

Sell losing investments to offset gains and claim deductions. December's a good time to do this!

Avoid Wash Sales

Don't repurchase the same security you just sold to claim a loss. Wait 30 days!

Capital Gains at Low Rates

If you're in a low tax bracket, consider selling appreciated investments for the 0% long-term capital gains rate.

Plan for RMDs

Withdrawals from retirement accounts are mandatory at 73. Explore Roth conversions or charitable donations to minimize taxes.

Tax-Smart Rebalancing

Use tax-advantaged accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs for portfolio adjustments to avoid unnecessary taxable transactions.

Series-I Bonds for Inflation Protection

Consider these U.S. savings bonds with inflation-adjusted yields for a safe and tax-advantaged investment option.

Individual Gifts with Tax Perks

You can gift up to $17,000 per person annually without incurring gift taxes.

Start Early, Seek Advice

Don't wait until year-end for financial planning. Consult a financial advisor