Chameleon Master

From rom-com charm ("Coffee Prince") to chilling thrills ("Helpless"), Lee Sun-kyun owned diverse roles effortlessly.

Genre Bender

Black comedies ("All About My Wife"), gripping dramas ("My Mister"), intense action ("A Hard Day") - he owned every mood.

Recipient of Multiple Awards

SAG for "Parasite," Emmy nomination for "Dr. Brain" - his brilliance was indisputable and well-known around the world.

Beyond Acting

Professional, supportive, he inspired countless colleagues and championed independent cinema.

Unforgettable Characters

Villains, heroes, he made them all stay with you.

Global Ambassador

Showcased Korean cinema's magic to the world through films like "Parasite."

A Life Cut Short

Tragic loss at 48, but his art lives on.

Celebrating the Artist

Let's remember the joy he brought through his diverse, masterful performances.

Inspiring Generations

His dedication and passion continue to motivate aspiring artists.

More Than a Headline

Let's honor Lee Sun-kyun for the brilliant artist, the kind soul, and the legacy he leaves behind.