commodity trading jobs

A commodity trader’s main responsibility is to buy and sell commodities on behalf of customers or their employer. Traders analyze market trends, execute trades, and manage positions to maximize profitability.

Commodity Trader

Commodity analyst

Commodity analysts do research on market trends, commodity pricing, and supply-demand dynamics and offer insights. They are essential in assisting traders in making sound decisions.

Risk Manager

Risk managers assess and mitigate the risks associated with commodity trading activities. They develop risk management strategies, monitor market conditions, and implement measures to protect the firm’s financial interests.


Commodity brokers facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers in the commodity market. They connect traders with potential counterparties and assist in negotiating favorable terms.

Compliance Officer

Compliance officers make sure that commodity trading operations abide by internal rules and regulations. They monitor trading operations, conduct audits, and implement measures to prevent fraudulent activities.

Arbitrage Trader

Arbitrage traders take advantage of price discrepancies between different markets or related commodities. They buy low in one market and sell high in another to profit from the price differentials.

Commodity Structurer

Commodity structurers design customized financial products based on commodities to meet the specific needs of clients. These products can include structured notes, commodity-linked bonds, and more.

Logistics Coordinator

Logistics coordinators oversee the movement of physical commodities from producers to consumers. They manage transportation, storage, and delivery logistics to ensure that commodities reach their intended destinations efficiently.